Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Best Game Ever: TV Guide Dominoes

Seriously...if there's nothing on TV and you're looking for something to do? Play the funnest game ever:  TV Guide Dominoes!


Try it, you'll like it! There's only one rule:  the programs you put together have to be on the same screen of the cable guide. No screen hopping! If you want to make it a group activity, you need to keep score. Here are the scoring guidelines:

  • One point if another player LOL's
  • A bonus point if the two programs are adjacent to each other on the guide
  • If someone else comes up with the same combination, they cancel each other out and no one gets a point.

These gems all appeared in one sitting!

Lovemaking Secrets:  Turkey Fried Easy

Totally Wild- Hyenas at War

Uplifting Christmas:  Lil’ Wayne Takeover

Yes, Dear- See Dad Run

That 70’s Show:  700 Club interactive

Humana Medicare:  World’s Best Blender

Soul Sessions:  The A-Team

Lovemaking Secrets:   Shark vs. Dyson- The Real Truth

Uncondemned:  Cooking for Real

White Chicks:  The Forgotten

RuPaul’s Drag Race:  Alone in the Wild

Matlock:  Yummy Mummy

Fix Your Hair:  Richard Simmons is Back!

9 to 5:  Mountains of Blessings

Who Do You Think You Are? Beverly Hills, 90210

Adam Levine for Proactive:  Live Once, Die Twice

Little Nicky:  Disaster Movie (That’s the truth!)

Roseanne:  Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare

World’s Deadliest- Pot Cops

Will & Grace:  Live Free or Die Hard

Hardcore Pawn:  How I Met Your Mother

Joan & Melissa:  Face Off     *snort!*

Moonshiners:  Great Gifts   
The Iron Petticoat:  The Bra Reinvented

NuWave Cooktop:  Whiten Teeth At Home!

More Sex, Less Stress:  Debt Free Options

So when everybody else slips into a turkey coma and your watch says it's sweatpants-thirty, grab the remote and see what masterpieces you can come up with!  Happy Thanksgiving y'all. We'll be turkin' with the family tomorrow, so there probably won't be an entry. 

Can I ask you a favor? If you're sitting with your loved ones and there's a lull in conversation, why not show them your favorite blog...and then stop by here?

Thanks for your support and for every click over the past 6 weeks or so. If you'd have told me when I started this that it would have over 7,000 hits in less than two months, I'd have called you O.J.. Y'all make me think that maybe I can make it as a writer, and that would be a dream come true. 

Be blessed, y'all. Wishing you a Thanksgiving of safe travels, warm hugs, and full bellies for you and yours.  

And remember, y'all:  Turkin', Not Twerkin'.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be right over. =)