Monday, October 21, 2013

Polar bears clearly mature more quickly...

Yesterday, the kids and I were on the way back from lunch with my mom, and Bubby, my 11 year old son, starts talking about this project he did on polar bears. He said "Momma, do you know what's kind of crazy? Polar bear cubs only stay with their moms for about two years; then they go off on their own like they're adults."

Rae-Rae (8), who was born to argue, chimes in. "Braxton, you're full of crap. That would be like Emma running around taking care of all her own business. Do you know how stupid that is?"

"Well, it ain't stupid 'cuz that's what the research said, you stupid jerk." (Bubby is so sweet and patient.)

"Well, then I guess it's clear to ALL of us that polar bears clearly mature faster than people do. Mom, can we trade Bubby for a polar bear because they're SO mature, and he's not?"

Rae-Rae:  1, Bubby: 0.

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