Friday, September 12, 2014

It Takes A Village to Raise It's idiot

God bless the USA. Yep, I said it. I'm not ashamed.

What's the best part of being blessed by God?

Knowing that He will bless us when we're at our worst, our most stupidest, our 'I-forgot-to-take-off-the-falsies-last-night' morning after's.

In case you live in a missile silo in Uzbekistan and didn't hear, yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11. Hubs and I watched a special on the History Channel about it last night with a surprising amount of film footage from Ground Zero.

"Sir, how does this make you feel?"

Yes, while people were taking their last breaths and praying for a merciful homecoming, this leach with a microphone asks an onlooker how he feels.

His response? "Wonderful. The World Trade Center just fell. Really? How do you think I feel? Get lost." 

This morning, I made the mistake of turning on the news.

The story du jour is a rerun of the domestic abuse case involving NFL scumbag Ray Rice.

Not the death of a good, Christian man that donated more than $100 million to family preservation through marriage enrichment, camps, and foster care. Not a word about the same man that gave away $24 million of his money through college scholarships. Not as much as a second of silence for the man that put his money where his mouth was and refused to open his restaurants on Sunday to allow his employees to spend time with their families.

The reporter on HLN were seeking the public opinion from women on the street.


(That's the stupid creeping in.)

Several comments grabbed my attention...Solange Knowles style.

"The public doesn't know what happened before that video was shot."
And exactly what could she have done that earned her a TKO from Rocky?

"She married him anyway!"

She's stupid. Stupid is not a justifiable excuse or consequence for domestic violence.

"The real tragedy is that we all assume he's guilty."

Well, call me crazy, but a live recording of the incident goes to show that the real tragedy is being an idiot.

What is wrong with our country?!

Go in any daycare in the country and see what happens when little Johnny slugs Ludmilla in the cheek with a Fisher Price concrete mixer.

There are consequences! Not serious ones at that age, but their soy-nut Fluffer Nutter is not going to be de-crusted today.

Since when is it alright for a grown man to pitch a temper tantrum on another human being's face?

Apparently, Rice's father was killed in a drive-by shooting when Rice was a young child. His mother is a special needs teacher. This doesn't exactly set the scene for grooming a violent thug, does it? He was a kid with goals and, from what I've read, a respectable work ethic.

So, what went wrong?

This country is what happened to this guy. This country convinced him that he is on a higher plane than the little people because he's good at playin' the foosball. This country turns young men into their own personal Jesus's by lavishing attention and TV love on them while completing ignoring what kind of person they are. This country convinces young people that who they are isn't as important as their first contract. This country has promised them that everything acceptable if you make enough money. This country has taught young women that they need to check their self-respect
at the door in the quest for getting their pre-surgery faces on TV...which will allow them to 'get their faces did'.

How about we knock some of these disgraceful He-wolves off of their Super Bowl podiums? Why not challenge the media to glorify athletes who are stepping up to the plate as role models, instead of celebrating those who have to be buzzed into their next phase of life?

If you put any human on a pedestal that high, they're gonna fall off. Nobody's perfect, and if you think anybody is...well, do us all a favor and hold your breath till they show up. That said, look at the whole picture.

Let's replace the Ray Rice's with Doug Flutie's. As far as I know, Li'l Dougie hasn't knocked his soul-mate unconscious and he's raised over $13 million to help families of autistic children.

Let's replace the Rae Carruth's with Derek Jeter's. Derek Jeter may have involved in the big steroid craze of yesteryear, but his foundation has also distributed over $12 million to encourage children to excel in academics, leadership, and character.

Let's replace the OJ's with Jeff Gordon's. He may not be the King of racing, but I'm pretty sure he's never killed anyone and, after a crew member's child was diagnosed with leukemia, he created a foundation that grants over $1.4 million per year for children's oncological care, partnered to create the Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital, and has repeatedly worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Today, I challenge you to reallocate the 5-10 minutes normally spent listening or reading about the latest tabloid disaster. Take those few minutes, and read about the positive things people are doing! You'll have to dig for them as being respectable doesn't make the headlines much these days.

Athletes for Hope:

The NFL Foundation:

The Tony Gonzalez Foundation:

Tim Tebow Foundation:

Look to the Stars:

Make-A-Wish Foundation:

These aren't sports specific, but we won't hold that against them!

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